More complex formula options

Danielle Wilmot

Rather than just +-*/^, it would be great if formulas also allowed lookup tables (useful for tiered pricing scenarios - e.g., if 1-5 units cost $100 each, 6-20 cost $90 each, and 21-50 cost $85 each, I should be able to enter a numerical answer and have the lookup table automatically map the correct price - right now the only way to do that is to enter each individual number in a drop-down with the right price entered as the answer for that number, but that's not really an option when you could have thousands of units. We could also do tiers in the drop-down, but then we won't be able to calculate a final price without asking a separate question for the exact number).

"IF" statements or binaries would also be useful - for example, we have several questions that indicate eligibility for discounts, but they don't stack, so we'd need something like "If any of these questions were "yes", apply this discount." "Max" and "Min" would also be useful - if I'm eligible for a 20%, 25%, and 35% discount, apply the 35% one.


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Eddy S

I've been playing around with the calculator function for a bit, but I couldn't find a way to create a conditional formula.
Like "if the amount selected is above xx then add 10% to the calculated amount ", etc.
For example if the user has selected a number with a slider before or just typed in a number, manually .



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Anthony Ogbomo

Please bring this. its a actually a bi project which we need from you! Appreciate it!!


Rishi Patel

I love this idea Danielle, and that's what I also just asked for, having been redirected to this thread. I was looking for a VLOOKUP function that excel provides which the platform does not at the moment. Upvoted.


Katherine Schultz

I'd love the option to use greater than/less than or max/min comparisons between results on sets of participant responses to determine outcome pages.