Bulk answer image uploading

Tahir Zaimoglu

Some tests have the same answer choices throughout the test. Instead of uploading images one by one by adding a button on the editor
- Use same images for all questions
will be a super handy option for non-English speaking world.


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Ante Zoraja

I'm waiting for this feature also, because my answering images are always same, so it takes lot of time to "paste" new question text in every single field (700x image answers per one quiz). Bulk answer is great feature, but please try to add additional feature which could change old answers from already duplicated Image Choice elements with new bulk question answers, without changing every single image answer field manually.



Hi Tahir, thank you for suggesting this feature.
We just wanted to let you know that you could duplicate the Image Choice elements or the project pages with the elements to achieve a similar result.
This way the uploaded images get duplicated with the elements and stay the same. You only need to change the question text. Give it a try :)